Best Cashback Credit Cards for Overseas Spending Comparison


Best Cashback Credit Cards for Overseas Spending Comparison

Credit Cards Overseas Transaction Fees

Credit cards typically charge 2.5% to 3.5% for overseas transactions in a different currency. These transaction fees are usually lower then the merchant's exchange rate. Hence, it makes sense to charge your purchases in a foreign currency when abroad and use the credit card's exchange rate instead of the merchant's exchange rate. As a general rule of the thumb, MasterCards and Visa Cards have similar transction fees while American Express Cards have the highest transaction fees.

Benefits for Using Credit Cards Overseas

Despite the transaction fees, banks often tangle attractive cashbacks for using credit cards abroad. These cashbacks can sometimes more than offset the transaction fees involved. To make things easier for comparison, the table below will summarise the rate of cash rebate for using various cashback credit cards abroad as well as the minimum requirements needed to qualify for the cashback.

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Credit Cards Cash Rebate for Overseas Spending Comparison Table

Credit Card Issuer and Type of Credit Card Minimum Requirements / Conditions Rate for Cash Rebate

ANZ Credit Cards

Minimum spend of $1,000 on travel, overseas and online transactions in foreign currencies between 1 Mar to 30 Apr 2017

Earn $100 cashback

CIMB Platinum MasterCard

Minimum spend of $500 with at least 8 transactions of min $30 each in a month

Earn 10% rebates on travel expenses only

Maybank Family & Friends Card

Minimum spend of $1000 or $300 in a month

Earn 8% or 5% cash rebate at leading petrol stations and hypermart in Malaysia only

BOC Family Card

Minimum spend of $500 in a month

Earn 7% cashback on overseas dining only

UOB Visa Signature Card

Minimum spend of $1,000 per statement period

Earn 5% cash rebate or 10X UNI$ per $1 overseas spend

Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card

Minimum spend of $3,000 in a month

Earn 5% Citi Rebate on overseas spend

UOB One Card

Minimum monthly spend of $2000 for all 3 months in a quarter

Earn 5% cash rebates on all transactions

ICBC Unionpay Dual Currency Card

ICBC Visa Dual Currency Card

Minimum spend of $500 a month for all 3 months in a quarter. Cashback only applicable on spending in excess of $500 each month

Earn up to 2% / 5% / 8% cashback for 1st / 2nd / 3rd month in a quarter on all spend in excess of $500 for each month

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card


Earn 3% cashback for transactions in foreign currencies

American Express True Cashback Card

Maximum spend of $5,000 for first 6 months

Earn 3% cashback on any purchase

Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World MasterCard

Minimum spend of $3,000 in a month

Earn 3% cash rebate on all spending

CIMB Visa Infinite Card

Minimum spend of $2,000 per statement period

Earn 2% cash rebate on overseas spending


Best Cashback Credit Card for Overseas Spending

The UOB Visa Signature Card gets our vote for the best credit card for overseas travel. The main reasons are due to the card having a low minimum requirement of S$1,000 overseas spend to qualify for the high 5% cash rebate which will more than offset any overseas card usage transaction fees. Lets also not forget that the 10X UNI$ is also equivalent to 4 air miles per $1 overseas spend, which helps the card to a double accolade of also being the best mileage Credit Card for Overseas Spending.

ANZ Credit Cards has an attractive promotion which allows users to earn $100 cashback with minimum spend of $1,000 on travel-related transactions, overseas spend and online overseas purchases in foreign currency for the period of 1 Mar to 30 Apr 2017. This translates to a high 10% cashback for spending overseas and is only valid for cardholders who register via SMS.


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UOB Prvi Miles Card

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ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

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